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Birthdate:May 18, 1990

starting over
Formerly Known As: Lena Thompson
Now Known As: Abigail ‘Abby’ Jenkins
Age: 24
Gender: Female

Lena grew up in the small town of Denton, Texas. She loved her life there, graduating head of her class, before being accepted into the University of North Texas, studying a degree at the College of visual arts and design, and unleashing her passion. By the end of the degree, she wanted more. She was curious about what lied beyond the only place she had ever known, and what new inspirations she could find. So she packed up her things, said goodbye to her family and moved herself out to San Antonio.
She didn’t have a lot of money, but she settled into a small apartment above a Laundromat and got herself some temp work at a big law firm. She’d only been there a few days, when she first met Rob. He was the son of the CEO and considered to be the next big thing. So, because of this, she was shocked when he showed an interest in her and hired her to be his secretary. After that, he took her to dinner, things progressed and within a few weeks, she found herself out of her tiny apartment and staying in his much larger, much nicer one. It all happened so quickly to her, and maybe that’s why she should have known it wouldn’t end well.
A few months into their relationship, he seemed to change, a lot. He became easily angered, violent and distant. Her art work and folios were locked away, she was suddenly expected to do whatever he said without question, and if he’d had a bad day, or even if he was simply bored, she would get the brunt of it, whether it was verbal or physical abuse. She couldn’t understand what had happened to him, and was too frightened to ask him to his face. So one night, when he was held back at the office, she snuck into his home office and looked through everything, searching for any clues to his change.
What she found, was a lot of paperwork and records that had been falsified for a certain group of criminals in the past month or two, and records listed in a book of payments made to him from a family that’s name seemed really familiar. She wasn’t sure what to make of it all, or didn’t want to make sense of it all, so she made copies of everything, then left the room the way she found it. Days passed and Rob became more and more cruel each night, to the point where he was enjoying himself. Although terrified of the man she had once loved, her curiosity got the better of her and she followed him one night. That was both, the worst and best decision she ever made.
What she witnessed that night was the most horrifying thing she had ever seen. The things he and the handful of men there, did to the guy they had tied up before killing him was almost unbearable to watch, and yet she was too scared to look away. When it was over, she hurried home, grateful not to have been seen. What she didn’t know, was that she was being watched by some detectives who were looking into Rob . They approached and offered her something she thought she’d never be able to have, a new life. They wanted her to testify as a witness to the torture and homicide she had seen and any other evidence she had on his doings. She might have been more terrified in that moment, but she agreed.
The court hearing came, and he was genuinely shocked when she took the stand and made sure he was put away for a very long time. The detectives were able to bring down a large mob family because of this and he got 25 years to life in a state prison. And the detectives kept their word. They changed her name and gave her a fresh start.
She moves around a lot, never settling in one place too long. Her excuse is, that she is moving where ever her art takes her, but in reality, she is both scared and unsure of the idea of actually settling down somewhere. Especially seeing as it didn’t work out so well last time.
{Mun and Muse over 21. I do not own Scarlett Johansson, and am simply using her pics for the purpose of rp. This character is an OC.}

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